I'm a Restaurant, Bar, Retailer, etc...

Do you have cocktail recipes I can use?
Please refer to our Cocktail Recipes page for some suggested recipes for our products.
For downloadable/printable cocktail recipe cards, please check out our Marketing page.

How can I purchase your products?
Please refer to our Distribution page for a full list of our current US distributors. If we are not currently distributing in your state, please contact us.

How will my restaurant/bar/store benefit from selling Fermented Spirits?
Fermented Spirits allow establishments that hold a Beer & Wine license to better serve their patrons. With the San Gabriel Beverage Group line of Fermented Spirits, all restaurants now have the ability to serve their own line of signature cocktails.

I have a Distilled Spirits license, can I benefit from selling your products?
We have a full line of Signature Mixes that include Bloody Mary, Margarita, Sweet & Sour, Strawberry, and PiƱa Colada. We also have a high-quality Triple Sec (14% ABV) that can add the perfect amount of orange flavor to a cocktail.
Fermented Spirits can also provide your business with a low-calorie alternative to your distilled cocktail menu. For instance, a 2-ounce pour of La Quiere Agave Wine adds 76.8 calories to your cocktail, while a 2-ounce pour of a distilled Tequila adds 128 calories to your cocktail.

How can I advertise wine-based cocktails on my menu?
Please check out our Marketing page for a list of some of the available POS that may assist you. If you have any further questions, please contact our sales team.

What type of point of sale do you offer?
Please refer to our Marketing page for a list of available POS.

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